The world has changed. Countries, governments, companies, and people are interacting in a different way. Citizens are virtually closer, in a growing relationship between “here” and “now”. GCI has been following and living this social, environmental and economic metamorphosis. It maintains the same legacy and pioneer thinking about the way it crosses and defends interests but always evolving. It works with a global perspective, where human relations prevail, but acts on a technological base. Everything is connected, everything has a footprint.

In more than two decades of history, there are many stories to tell. Although with a small operation, but with a lot of determination, GCI began its way in 1994. It has grew, increased its business vision and took many steps to become one of the best known communication consultant in Portugal. In 2003, GCI achieved a milestone that further increased the quality of its work: integrated the Edelman network as an exclusive affiliate for Portugal. Today, the company is the result of what employees, clients, and stakeholders expect.

GCI remains driven by the constant need to embrace the new, to test different ways of thinking, communicating and relating with its clients and stakeholders. More than ever, it has the certainty that the future is made between two main paths: one more connected to rigor, persistence, and reputation and the other, as humanity itself, lives aligned with the unpredictability and adaptability to change. And to follow them, innovation is the main ingredient.

Corporate & Reputation Management

Creation and development of communication strategies, oriented to maintain and defend companies and organizations reputation, encourage their business and create mutual relationships with all strategic stakeholders.

& Brand Marketing

Fashion, beauty and lifestyle-oriented team that develops multichannel communication strategies, product and concept placement, endorsement with public figures, bloggers and influencers.

Public Affairs
& Special Projects

This business area provides strategic support so that our clients can better manage their knowledge and relationships with the multiplicity of stakeholders that influence their activity. Our team mainly works on multidisciplinary projects, which require strong skills in Public Affairs and Project Management.


Content creation and development for several channels and platforms and community management are the focus of our Multiplatform Contents Team, that works based on the knowledge and dialogue with brand’s audiences.

& Wellness

Health & Wellness is one of GCI expertise areas which allows health, pharmaceutical and well-being entities to have a voice in media and social media.

A melhor forma de preparar o futuro passa, numa primeira fase, por reflectir sobre o passado.

Se o seu passado se cruzou, em algum destes anos, pela GCI, deixe-nos a sua história no e-mail info@gci.pt.