Consumer & Brand Marketing


Fashion, beauty and lifestyle-oriented team that develops multichannel communication strategies, product and concept placement, endorsement with public figures, bloggers and influencers.

The world has changed, as well as the communication world. Today the game rules are totally different: consumer trusts in people like him and brands must be present in the same dialogues as their target audiences. GCI helps brands to involve with their targets, creating value in a short, medium and long-term and putting the consumer in the center of the strategy.

At GCI we contribute to develop and strengthen brands’ positioning, giving them visibility in ever-changing and increasingly competitive markets. We want to increase their value and reputation on an ongoing basis.

Nowadays consumers have several information sources that constantly influence their brand’s perception. This reality created the need to be present in the dialogues in which the consumers are, to stimulate a dialogue and involve the audiences with media, influencers, bloggers, opinion leaders, among others. Therefore it´s essential to have an effective, flexible and dynamic communication strategy. GCI identifies opportunities and implements brand strategies, developing solutions that project the future into the present.