Public Affairs & Special Projects


This business area provides strategic support so that our clients can better manage their knowledge and relationships with the multiplicity of stakeholders that influences their activity. Our team mainly works on multidisciplinary projects, which requires strong skills in Public Affairs and Project Management.

In a complex and interdepend environment, this business area, in close articulation with several communication disciplines, supports the creation of sustainable relationships, draws programs that aim to represent the organization’s interests in matters of legislative or regulatory nature, conflict situations or litigation positions, involving key opinion leaders.

Through management of access and relationship with the highest officials and intermediate levels of several governmental, public and sectorial entities, this area promotes networking, creates relationship opportunities and broadens clients sphere of influence among decision makers, regulators, mentors and opinion influencers.

Based on five phases – definition, exploration, strategy, planning, and execution -, our Public Affairs & Special Projects team focuses its work on shared interests and common goals between the client and stakeholders.