“À Roda da Alimentação” promotes healthy eating


“À Roda da Alimentação” comes from the Continente’s commitment to promote healthy eating in Portugal and has as its spokesperson Catarina Furtado, TV host, President of the “Corações com Coroa” Association and Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Population Fund.

“À Roda da Alimentação” project is an integrated communication platform with the ability to embrace all Continente’s initiatives within the scope of Healthy Food.

A concept with the flexibility to talk about different themes and in several spheres in which the brand operates, based on three areas of action: access to healthy food; literacy for healthy choices and awareness for healthy eating habits.

“À Roda da Alimentação” has unique content, namely a 48-episode television program, a blog, one-minute video classes articles in Continente Magazine and various contents on Continente’s digital platforms.

GCI is responsible for stakeholder engagement as well as digital influencers and project communication.

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