thyssenkrupp Elevators is one of the biggest elevation segment companies in the national and international market, with a park composed by elevators, escalators and conveyors belts.

In recent years, thyssenkrupp has made history by redefining the lifting industry, launching innovations such as MULTI, which will revolutionize the way we build and live the cities. At the same time, this company is known for the quality of service and the commitment shown by its employees. Customer focus and quality of service are only possible with the right company culture, to be strengthened through communication with employees.

In Portugal, thyssenkrupp is present in 11 cities, from north to south of the country and islands, and employs a total of 450 employees. A geographic dispersion that makes internal communication even more challenging. GCI has been working in internal and external communications for thyssenkrupp since March 2016.

Examples of developed actions:

Elaboration of initial diagnosis in the scope of employee engagement and subsequent directives to follow;

Elaboration of contents for internal communication tools, such as newsletters, website or intranet;

Creative development of materials for employees, such as the Welcome Manual;

A creative conception of internal activation, such as Company Anniversary, employees ‘and dependents’ birthday up to 18 years old, Christmas Party or Futsal Indoor Championship;

Strategic consulting for the design, development and implementation of internal initiatives, such as presentations to employees, activations of social responsibility or employee awareness, management of sensitive issues.




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