Love at the First Fork

Consumer & Brand Marketing

The power of taste

“Love at the First Fork” reveals the huge power of the taste and improves Knorr’s passion on sharing experiences and gastronomic knowledge amongst young generations of food lovers, millennial, foodies, and bloggers.

The campaign, launched in April 2016, had a provocative film with an interactive application, housed in the project’s microsite that allowed each person to find out his Flavour Profile, giving access to recipe suggestions related with his profile.

The campaign media coverage reached 40 news in different national newspapers and magazines and the engagement of the psychologist and sexologist, who helped to explain the campaign, allowing everyone to know their flavour profile.

April 2016

Knorr (Unilever Jerónimo Martins)

Communication Consultancy
Endorsers Engagement
Media Relations

40 news
Partnership with one psychologist and sexologist