“Missão” Continente

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The importance of a mission

“Missão Continente” was born with the purpose to contribute to the community’s development and to improve the family’s life quality. It´s the umbrella brand to all Continente’s social responsibility initiatives.

Its main goals are to raise awareness, mobilize and to give value to people and communities, improving social inclusion, economic development, and respect for the environment.

Since its creation, in 2015, “Missão Continente” already supported more than 600 organizations, donated 1 million meals and delivered 378 thousand euros to 25 projects of National Health Center.

The project has the institutional support from the Government of Portugal and 23 of the most relevant associative, business and civil society organizations are represented on its advisory board.

Since 2015


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Organizations supported by and 1 million meals donated


Thousand euros donated to 25 projects of National Health Center


Advisory Board is formed by 23 of the most relevant associations, business, and civil society organizations.


Institutional support from the Government of Portugal

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