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The nobility of an act

The “Nobre Casa de Cidadania”, an initiative promoted by Nobre Alimentação, aims to recognize and honor the citizens who are authors of noble acts. Throughout these examples, this initiative wants to encourage and motivate the citizenship. Thus, the “Nobre Casa de Cidadania” assumes awareness and education for citizenship as its object and fundamental assumption.

The “Nobre Casa de Cidadania” is since its creation, in 2013, a project with a strong component of stakeholder engagement getting together 11 entities such as members of Institutional Council. Throughout its existence it honored more than 60 citizens whose distinguished in their communities for their citizenship examples.

In order to promote citizenship among the youngest, the “Nobre Casa de Cidadania” has been developing the “Noble Citizen at Schools” project since 2015. This initiative joins in the same space a member of the Institutional Council and a Citizen honored where they sensitize the children to the practice of Citizenship, through their examples.

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